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10 June 2019Visits to 'Three Hares' Churches on Dartmoor - with Dr Sue Andrew
18 July 2019 Winsford Hospital & Walled Gardens, Hallwill, Devon

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Visits to 'Three Hares' Churches on Dartmoor - with Dr Sue Andrew
Monday 10 June 2019

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Our guide, Dr Sue Andrew's studies at Edinburgh and Plymouth Universities included anthropology, art history and architectural conservation.  Her doctoral thesis focused on the medieval oak carvings of men and beasts, including the Green Man and the Three Hares, to be found in the roofs of the churches of Devon.  Sue gives talks and writes about subjects ranging from the cross cultural journey of the Three Hares motif, and medieval church art and architecture, to Church Houses, 19C ecclesiastical carvings, and epitaphs in the graveyards of Dartmoor.

Dr Sue Andrew has co written a book 'The Three Hares – A Curiosity Worth Regarding' with Tom Greeves and Chris Chapman.   

The three hares is a circular motif appearing in sacred sites from the Middle and Far East to the churches in Devon.  The Three Hares Project has revealed the motif to be an extraordinary and ancient archetype, stretching across diverse religions and cultures, many centuries and many thousands of miles.  It is part of the shared medieval heritage of Europe and Asia (Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, yet still inspires creative work among contemporary artists.  It is an architectural ornament, a religious symbol and a logo for adornment.  It is viewed as a puzzle, a topology problem or a visual challenge, and has been rendered as sculpture, drawing and paintings.  The symbol features three hares chasing each other in a circle.

Max 15 people - £25 per person, non-members £28 -

Cheque made payable to 'The Arts Society Honiton' or cash to

Elizabeth Gray 37 Glanvill Way Honiton EX14 2GD -  0780 3637919

To include minibus fare, coffee at South Tawton Church House with a short film on its restoration followed by a visit to the Church to view the Three Hares and after lunch we visit Spreyton Church.  Suggest you bring binoculars if you have them. (lunch at the Tom Cobley Tavern in Crediton – not included in the above price)   

PICK UP  9.30am Tesco roundabout Battishorne Way EX14 2XD - Parking Tesco Car Park – 'away' from the store please.

Please bring an envelope (with your name on the front), with a list of your medications you are currently taking and next of kin details. This will only be opened in an emergency.

Cancellation Policy – there will be no refund of fees unless a replacement participant can be found. Only exception will be for SERIOUS illness.

Disclaimer: Participants are expected to take reasonable care during visits.  Neither The Arts Society Honiton nor its officers accept liability for accident.