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07 April 2020“Post War Australian Painting”
12 May 2020Gwen and Augustus John - Two Great Opposites
09 June 2020The Forensic Eye: Find your Inner Connoisseur”

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“Post War Australian Painting” Paul Chapman Tuesday 07 April 2020

This lecture scheduled for the FIRST Tuesday of April has had to be CANCELLED due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Western Art from ‘Down Under’ is often overlooked and neglected. Painters like Sidney Nolan and Arthur Boyd from the ‘Heide School’ working in a naïve and expressive style, John Brack’s figurative paintings give a social critic of Australian post-war culture, John Olsen’s celebratory abstract expressions of the landscape, Brett Whiteley’s personal vision of his life in Sydney, Fred Williams' landscapes and Jeffery Smart’s surreal depictions of urban life are all essential in our understanding and appreciating the modern art of Australia.

Paul is an Art Historian and a National Gallery trained guide with many years of experience working in education. He is also a visiting tutor at Marlborough College and a tutor at MCSS.

£7.50p for guests or visitors payable on the door